Over the four decades I’ve been in health care, one of the most challenging obstacles I’ve faced with patients has been medically prescribed corticosteroids. At times when interviewing a new patient I feel that I can simply assume they have been on steroids as the frequency of usage among patients we see is so great. Other common drugs used include extensive use of antibiotics, antacids, synthroid and anti-depressants… all making a patient’s journey back to health more difficult and complex.

One of the most harmful aspects of the current Covid-19 Pandemic is a feeling of helplessness. There is a sense among many that other than hide in their homes and practice social distancing that they cannot protect themselves. That they have been left at the mercy of their local, state and federal governments to somehow shield themselves with pending mass vaccinations.

Dr. Goldberg Addresses The Georgia Chiropractic Association Fall and Winter Conferences Pandemics: Beyond Vaccines and Treatments Dr. David Tener Director, The Goldberg Tener Clinic Rave reviews followed Dr. Goldberg’s presentation to The Fall Continuing Education Conference of the Georgia Chiropractic Association held October 22nd-25th at...

The term “Leaky Gut Syndrome” (LGS) has over the past several decades gone from obscurity to being a popular, albeit questionable, alternative medicine “diagnosis.” There is considerable controversy, however, among practitioners including those whom embrace it and those who reject it as being speculative at best.

Mr. Jeffrey Russell presented at the Goldberg Tener Clinic in January 2020 with a medical diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis confirmed by colonoscopy and blood work (see before / after labs below). His symptoms began after taking a "preventive antibiotic" following the removal of a cyst from his chest.

Part I and Part II of this series examined the nature of Rheumatoid Arthritis, how Rheumatoid Disorders have been poorly addressed and looked at some of the common Causal Factors contributing to it. In Part Three, The Goldberg Bio-Hygienic Re-Creation System™ (GBHRS) and how it is successfully utilized to reverse Rheumatoid Arthritis and other chronic disorders is explored.

The Medical and Alternative Medical Fields have long “treated” the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis as opposed to identifying and addressing the causes behind them. They have made perpetual patients of persons with Rheumatoid Arthritis rather than reversing their disease and restoring their health.

It has been over forty years since I became immersed in the study, teaching and clinical practice of helping patients afflicted with Rheumatoid Disorders. In this three part series I will share how I came to develop the clinical approach we employ and why it is so successful in restoring patients with rheumatoid disorders back to health.